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Rachel Campbell

Congratulations to Rachel Campbell on the lease of Souviner.  Special thanks to Zach Parks.

Baillie Saffer

Congratulations to Baillie Saffer and the Saffer family on the purchase of Barclesby.  Specail thank you to Cantatu LLC for sending us this wonderful horse.

Janet Lambert

Congratulations to Janet Lambert on her lease of Shadwell.

Katie Solomons

Congratulations to Katie Solomons on the purchase of her new horse First Love.  Special thanks to Andrew Vaziri and Vaziri Sport Horses.

Frankie Dussek

Congratulations to Frankie Dussek on the lease of Stole The Show.  Special thanks to Olivia Golden for this wonderful pony.

Bridget Scalia

Congratulations to Bridget Scalia on her lease of Rotspun.

Brittany Hill

Congratulations to Brittany Hill on the purchase of Winslow.

Nancy Granger

Congratulations to Nancy Granger on the purchase of Coastline.  Special thanks to Meg Graham.

Claire Parkinson

Congratulations to Claire Parkinson on her purchase of Chazeaux.  Special thanks to Brook Kemper and Deloise Noble-Strong.

Jessica Smith

Congratulations to Jessica and Caleb Smith on the purchase of Romulus "Romeo".  Special thanks to Philip Long.

Carley Corini

Congratulations on your purchase of TCF Catalina.  Special thanks to Lisa Hammerschmidt and Patty Foster.

Katie Triantos

Congratulations to Katie Triantos on the purchase of Daventry's DaVinci.  Special thanks to Stoneridge Farm and Dawn Gayheart.

Katye Myers

Congratulations to Katye Myers on the purchase of Social Elegance.  Specail thanks to Mederise Lake Cater and Laurie Lake of West Neck Creek Equestrian Center.

Rachel DeMuro

Congratulations to Rachel on her purchase of ZaZa.  Special thanks to Kama Godek.
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Elizabeth Brinkley Sponseller

Congratulations on her lease of Oh Henry.

Gwen Stricker on the Purchase of Coastline's Shore Thing

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